Whether vacation property or year round residents, Findley Lake  is a place to call home. Learn more about our community and        residential life, our local government, and our rich history here.    


Town of Mina

(Hamlet of Findley Lake)


Mina-Findley Lake Community Center, North Road

PO Box 38

Findley Lake, NY 14736


C: 716-969-7757


(Meeting 2nd Thursday at 7:00 PM)

Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs. 8:30a -12:00p 1:00p - 4:30p

Friday 8:30-11:30

Closed on all legal holidays

Elected Officials:

Town Supervisor: Rebecca Brumagin

Councilman: Ernie Roache

Councilman: Dick Waltrous

Councilman: Dave Wilcox

Councilman: Dennis Luce

Highway Supervisor: Bill Himelein

Town Clerk& Tax Collector: Sherrie R. Tanner (716) 769-7204

Town Justice: Denis Cooper (716) 769-7250​

Town Solicitor: Tad Wright


Appointed Officials:

Assessor: Heather Young-Deyell (716) 769-7125

Code Enforcement Official: Melanie Eddy


  Town of Mina



Town of Kiantone



  Town of Harmony


Tues. & Thurs.

  Town of Ripley 


Findley Lake Fire Department



10372 Main St.

P.O. Box 158

Findley Lake, NY 14736

Email the Fire Department

(716) 769-7321

C: (716) 269-8124

F: (716) 769-7255


Chief: Jack Hamilton

1st Asst. Chief: Ray Keith

2nd Asst. Chief: Randy Hamilton

Fire Captain: Tammy Hamilton

Fire Lieutenant: Mary Lou Keith

Fire Police Captain: Bob Fink

Safety Officer: Robert Fink 

Rescue Captain: Terry Phelps (pending EMT recertification / Randy Hamilton

Rescue Lieutenant: Randy Hamilton


Business Officers

President: Randy Hamilton

Vice President: Jeff Park / Pete Howard

Treasurer: Brian Locke / Tammy Hamilton

Secretary: Marcy Park


Board of Directors

Chair: Pete Howard

Board Members: Brian Locke, Howard Raven, Jeff Park

Board Secretary: Marcy Park



President: Joan Himelein

Vice President: Cindy Guffey


Treasurer: Ina Griswold

Findley Lake Watershed Foundation, Inc.


P.O. Box 125

Findley Lake, NY 14736


Board of Directors

President: Ed Mulkearn

Vice President: Lant Lictus

Secretary: Marge Freund

Treasurer: Phil Persons

Board Member: Lex Brumagin

​Board Member: Marci Schwab

​Board Member: Bill Braken

​Board Member: Matt Wise


Local Churches

Christian Missionary Church (716) 769-7670

Community Church of Cutting (716) 355-2283

Edwards Chapel United Methodist Church (716) 355-9955

Findley Lake United Methodist Church (716) 769-7532

Christ Our Hope Roman Catholic Church (716) 355-8891


Local Schools

Clymer Central School District (716) 355-4444

Sherman Central School District (716) 761-6890


U.S. Post Office

10404 Main St.

Findley Lake, NY 14736

(716) 769-7317


Other Agencies and Supporting Members

Alexander Findley Community Library

2883 North Road P.O.Box 74

Findley Lake, NY 14736

(716) 769-6568

Fax: (716)769-6567

Email the Alexander Findley Community Library


Findley Lake & Mina Historical Society

2883 North Road

P.O.Box 522

Findley Lake, NY 14736 

‭(716) 769-7688‬​ Email: flhistoricalsoc@gmail.com

Findley Lake Nature and Wildlife Education Center

2883 North Road

P.O.Box 634

Findley Lake, NY 14736


Email the Findley Lake Nature Center